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Sponsored Whips LLC is NO LONGER taking vehicle sponsorship applications. We will still share some of the worlds best media/news/updates, service all current clients, and answer any inquiries. Please email info@sponsoredwhips.com with any questions, thank you!

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Dan Campbell, Owner of a 2008 EVO X

From: DC
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com
Subject: Forever Gratefull

Five months ago I lost my job and all hope of having any happiness this summer! I saw you guys in a few magazines and thought things cant get worse so lets ask Sponsored Whips for help. Not only did they get me full sponsorships but I am now making more money due to becoming a retailer for my sponsors! Who would have thought getting laid off would turn out to be a blessing in disguise? The only thing I still need is that autographed picture of Kerry next to my WHIP! Thanks Sponsored Whips for all you do! I wish a certain other company out there would follow your lead and stop misleading people!

Bryan Gangloff, Owner of a 1996 Ford Mustang

From: Bryan Gangloff
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com
Subject: Sponsored Whips

Thank you sponsored whips for everything, without you guys and your proposal i wouldnt have been able to make my car the way it is. Thanks to sponsoredwhips i am now sponsored by one of the loacl audio shops in my town. At first i was kind of nervous and thought it was a scam but they really pulled it off and made it all happen for a true car enthusiast. My 96 mustang now stands out more then it ever used to. I thank you sponsoredwhips for everything that you have done.

Will Spicer, Owner of a 1991 VW Jetta

From: Will Spicer
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com
Subject: Thank YOU!!!!!

Thanks Sponsored Whips for all of your help. I've made all of my money back and then some, Now my whole racing crew (DA G.O.D.S) is sponsored and i cant wait for our cars to look better and perform better then ever. At first i had my doubts but after i called a couple times and made a new friend ^_^. I'm excited to be apart of this organization, The proposals are looking great and doors are starting to open up for me and my friends Thanks for everything and i can't wait for it to start up and Go!!!!

Chase White, Owner of a 1979 El Camino

From: Chase White
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com
Subject: no subject

Hey guys so i just signed up for this and i cant wait to see what yall can do 4 me i trust u guys because a good friend of mine sne t me to u on prior experiences and i belieave that u guys can take me to the places i need to be to get a full sponsor ship with my one of a kind car so your guys out there dont go to all these other sponsor ship web sites they just take ur money and tell u u get discount on parts bump that these guys get u sposored directly to the companys so sponsoredwhips.com is the place to go to take you were u need to go...

El CaMiNo

Josh Colby, Owner of a 2002 Ford Focus

From: Josh Colby
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com

Subject: Thanks

With your help "sponsoredwhips.com" I was able to get four great sponsor which helped me out alot, I was able to get big name sponsors and great discounts from the proposal you set up for me. Sponsors like Corbeau seats, Unorthodox Racing, Elevation Audio and team scp. And now due to them and your help I can now make it to the 2007 show and possible race season. And still with those sponsors you guys don't give up and keep persuing to get my ride even better.

Thanks For Your Help

Joshua Colby

BJ Griffith, Owner of a 2006 GMC Sierra Denali, & Hayabusa

From: BJ Griffith
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com

Sponsoredwhips, Thank you so much, the proposal you wrote for me is ridiculously amazing! I really know that with the effort I put in at shows and this proposal going out to companies there is no way it won’t be recognized! Now thanks to your company I am on my way to ‘TRUE’ Sponsorship as you put it! I can honestly say you are the best company to come around in years! I am writing this so others will know what your doing is a great/tremendous help, I am a car guy, not an English major, I could never have written a proposal this well, and put into words what I do, and how I will promote for any sponsors!

Thank you, BJ

Patrick Mahoney, Owner of a 1997 Honda Civic EX

From: Patrick
To: testimonial@sponsoredwhips.com
Subject: My "SponsoredWhip"

Dear Customer Service,

I will get you pictures for the website soon, cuz thanks to you guys my car is in the shop as we speak so I can/will be ready for the summer. I was really skeptical at first, but I have three major sponsors now, plus got a local shop to sponsor the labor on my own by promising to promote them, and giving them a proposal copy. Your staff came through for me, so please know I am a very satisfied customer.




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